Launching Solar Energy Services within KBC Mobile app

Connecting homeowners with a suitable contractor for solar energy

In October 2023, KBC Bank released a new version of their mobile app. It included an app for customers to get a quote for solar panels and be matched with a contractor.

KBC wanted to connect their own question flow to a third party

Prior, KBC had built a question flow to check interest of their customers in solar panels and the bank wanted to connect this flow to a third party service that could find a contractor and follow-up the renovation process.
That partner was Impact Us Today.

I was the Product Manager tasked to redefine and design the entire software platform of Impact Us Today. Getting our services into the KBC mobile app, was my responsibility.


Connecting 2 different platforms that use different questions.

  • The entire Impact Us Today platform was created API-first to enable any Partner to connect to it and enabling full flexibility while not compromising on the information Impact Us Today and contractors need.
  • Thorough research and mapping of the information needed for Contractors + what and how KBC gets information from their customers.
How KBC asks information is not the same as how Impact Us Today wants to receive information

Navigating different stakeholders within KBC; management, design, engineering…

  • After every phase we organized meetings with KBC to give feedback. This ensured everyone was up to date on progress and prevented having to redo or change things late in the project
  • Joint user testing so it was clear what changes to make for all parties
  • Regular meetings
  • Joint Slack-channels for fast & async communication between design & engineering teams on both sides. This allowed us to be unblocked within hours

Strict deadlines & project management

  • Respecting methodology & process KBC follows (waterfall vs agile)
  • Before starting the work, we created and agreed on a shared planning with milestones. This made it clear what deliverables were for all parties.

“Let it be clear that it was very often due to your perseverance
that we got to the user focussed platform it is today”

Jef Daniels – Impact Us Today