Therachat – Connecting Therapists & Clients Between Sessions (2018)

A software platform to achieve faster therapy results, and save expensive session time.

Through an engaging mobile app, Therachat helps therapy clients practice the skills learnt in therapy at home, under the supervision of their therapists.

Desktop platform to follow up clients for Therapists

Through an online dashboards, therapists can schedule homework activities, follow-up clients and prepare for their sessions.

How it works

Therapists Add Clients and Schedule Homework Activities

  • Engaging format
  • Quick & easy
  • Journaling chatbot

Ability to Customize & Create Custom Activities

  • PDF
  • Images, videos
  • Links

Clients Download Free Mobile iOS or Android App

  • Engaging activities
  • Quick & easy
  • Notifications

Therapists can Follow Up Results

  • Timeline View
  • Engagement Scores
  • Linked to Session Dates

“Having my clients track their moods in Therachat is very helpful, especially with clients that I’m concerned about safety issues with. If someone were to say they’re really having a bad day and they need to talk to me, now I know and I can do something about it.”

J.M. Solano – MA, LPC