About me

My bachelor studies in communication, marketing (Ghent) and software development (UC Berkeley), together with my addiction to human psychology and talking to users led me to careers in marketing, support, operations & QA.

Thanks to my data and user-centric problem-solving skills, I transitioned into product management and eventually process management. I tackled big, hairy and ambiguous problems for tech companies, big and small in San Francisco, Dublin, Paris and Ghent.

I was lucky enough to work for Stripe for 3 years, while it was still considered a startup and going through rapid scaling. After Stripe, I became a consultant and professor in Design Thinking to International Business Students in Belgium.

Some examples of my product management work.

During the day I heavily rely on my analytical brain. I balance this out by nourishing my right and creative brain at night.

In 2017 I became an auto-didact in drawing, this led to a grant from the Irish government to study animation at Pulse College (while working fulltime at Stripe).  I am currently studying a Master’s in Fine Arts (Design Sketching).