Underneath you find a chronological list of some of the projects I worked on over the years. Clicking on the links will allow you to learn more about them.

Smooth Sailing (Software consultancy)

  • 2023 – Integration of 2 third party apps in the mobile KBC app (biggest bank in BE) + redesign of a matching platform between banks/cities, contractors and homeowners.
  • 2023- Definition & launch of a B2B SaaS platform for entreprise manufacturing companies to optimize product portfolio
  • 2022 – Coaching of Product Teams at Flemish Government
  • 2022 – Definition & redesign of MeetDisctrict mobile app (coworking space)

Stripe (Fintech scale-up)

  • 2021 – Instilled audit program for all new/updated customer support workflows
  • 2021 – Product management for workflow tool used daily by +1300 support agents
  • 2020 – Optimization of cost ineffecient support workflows of highly complex product areas, increasing first resolution SLA with 5%.
  • 2019 – Saving +150K/y operational costs by working with Engineers to reduce contact rate of top support issues
  • 2019 – DRI for all user comms on a project with highest company priority
  • 2019 – Operational DRI of legal communication to all EMEA-users. In collaboration with Engineering, Product & Legal I reduced the potential contact and actual contact rate with 8000%

Therachat (Mental health startup)

Addapp (Digital health startup)

Vooruit (Event venue)