Alaskan Airlines Upselling Flight Insurance

5 Ways For Upselling Flight Insurance

When I was booking my flight to Boston, I couldn’t help but notice how cleverly Alaska Airlines is upselling flight insurances. Literally 5 psychological tricks packed in one modal.

Let’s dive into what immediately caught my eye when booking this flight and what are some take-away lessons that can easily be implemented if you want to upsell anything on your platform as well.

1. Upselling with Clever Language

Upselling Language

Alaska Airlines isn’t talking about “flight insurance”. No, they are talking about “protection”. They address the need or potential problem you have, not the solution for it.

“Protection for the sun” works better than “buy sunscreen”. Let users figure out the solution themselves so they can own that and feel good about themselves. Just hand them the problem they have.

2. Providing Social Proof

Upselling - Social proof

Rule and trick as old as time. Make sure users experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and address how many people bought this.

“Is that actually a real number?” – no one said ever

3. Draw Attention by Colors & Bold Fonts

Upselling - Colors & bold fonts

There is only so much time to make a first impression and upsell flight insurance. Make it easy on the eyes and guide your web visitor to the option you want them to chose. How can you do so? Use bold fonts and different colors.

Try it yourself.. of the sentence above, what is the first word you read?

4. Instill Fear

Upselling - Creating Fear

We all have a tenancy to avoid risky situations and change. Especially if it involves our travel plans. We do not want to cancel our holiday that we looked forward to for 3 months. So address that fear and exactly tell people what they will be missing out on and which risks they are taking by not purchasing your extra option (whatever that might be)

5. Use Experts

Upselling - Expert Advice
In some matters we just don’t know what’s right for us. So why not add some testimonials from experts in the field to re-assure you that you’re making the right choice buying this flight insurance.

“Who is this expert mentioned here?” – said no one ever

These are some 5 easy tips and tricks airline companies use to upsell flight insurances. You can easily copy these tricks and use them for any other online (or offline) product. Try it out and let me know if it works!


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