Automatic Unsubscribe From Newsletters

Newsletters. I see it as a necessary evil in the world of marketing.
It’s great! People sign up voluntary to get your latest news.
It’s awful! People get spammed by dozen of newsletters they rarely open. And on top of that they often don’t know how they got subscribed.

It has been one week now, I’m getting newsletters from ‘Beurs Ondernemen’. Where I subscribed for receiving their newsletter? God knows.. But that’s not the point. The point is they e-mail me every day. Every single day. Yes you’ve read that correctly. And to tell me what? To count down to their event.

Did anybody see me care?

Under promise, over deliver. Something we hear quite a lot, but experience too little from companies. Why can’t they apply it on their newsletter?

If I don’t open 10 out of 10 newsletters you send me, then how hard is it to realize I’m probably not interested in your messages?

So why don’t you send me an e-mail: ‘hey we saw you didn’t open our newsletters. Don’t you like them? If so: no worries, we will try one more time and then remove you out of our database. Hopefully see you soon!’.

God that would be divine! Offering a solution to the laziness of people.
Because who believes that it is better to annoy customers with your unwanted newsletter than to stop e-mailing them?

Now that is one ‘under promise, over delivery’ I would like to see.


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