Apple’s evangelizing product language

Last week I was following the Apple product launch live on the Verge. (Congrats btw to The Verge for the live coverage, it’s not only like you’re part of the launch, their reporter is also freakin’ hilarious!)

It was actually the first time I stared at my screen the moment a new iPhone launch was covered (shame on me!). I couldn’t help but notice the overdone way Tim Cooke and others were talking about the iPhone 5. Especially because I was totally not overwhelmed by the new iPhone they were launching.
We reinvented the Iphone. We never built something like this etc. If I may believe Apple, I should totally throw my iPhone 3GS out the window to buy this smartphone miracle called an iPhone 5.
Speaking of miracles, watching the presentation, it reminded me of some sort of religious formation/sect trying to poison your mind. If there was a new (smartphone) God, it would be Apple and the iPhone 5 the new Jezus.

I was very curious to know how many times Apple presenters used the word ‘magical’, ‘best’, ‘reinvented’.. So when I couldn’t sleep last night, I started counting the words.. no not really, but I did make a wordcloud.
‘How?’, you’ll ask. Well I copy-pasted the entire blogpost of The Verge (crossing my fingers this is really the full text of the product launch). Left the pictures and hours out and only kept the iPhone 5 announcement. Put it in a wordcloud generator. And this is the result:

Besides the technical words featured in this wordcloud, I was not surprised about the number of adjectives used in the iPhone 5 announcement.

  • Best
  • Better
  • Great
  • Thinner
  • Biggest
  • Faster
  • Beautiful
  • Advanced
  • Incredible
  • Dynamic
  • Amazing

And according to the words they used most, there is only one conclusion:

‘Now there is a new iPhone Apple made. We’ll show you. And now you’re going to like it.’

If we may believe the results of AT&T, the launch of the iPhone 5 is the most successful one ever. Out of the way Scientology, Apple is the new sect you should be part of and give your money to!


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