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Email Marketing Fail: Using any email address to announce new business

Yesterday in my personal mailbox… An email from a commercial company I  have never heard of.
They felt the need to announce they are a brand new visual branding agency (what does that even mean?).

Email marketing
Beginning of the email


I was quite shocked to get an email of a company I never subscribed to as far as I could remember, so I checked out their footer to see how I got on their list.


Email marketing don't


What da fuck?

As a company you do not need to think for me. I can do that very well myself.
And don’t wink me as if you’re funny. Unsolicited getting in touch with me is nothing close to humorous. It’s illegal.

What happened?

I reached out to the company to ask how they got my email address. Apparently an individual I used to follow class with gave it to them and they didn’t feel the need to check whether they could actually use those email addresses. With all respect, as a branding agency I expect more of your own marketing.

This email went straight into my SPAM folder.


  1. Write the real reason why people get the email/how they ended up in your list. If you can’t do so it means you shouldn’t email then
  2. Never use email addresses you’re not sure of where they come from
  3. Don’t try to be funny


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