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How to keep a user from cancelling their monthly subscription

MAYHEM! Your user is about to cancel their paid monthly subscription.

They thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion that that $260 monthly can be spend better. Like buying 50 boxes of Cards against Humanity. You’re in a though spot as product manager. Your user is clearly ready to take action (hence: he/she is on the page to cancel their subscription), what can you do?


How do you keep a user’s money if they are on the verge of cancelling their subscription?

Solution: suspend your account for a month

You don’t immediately cancel their account, but give them an option to suspend it for a month. In the small letters: after a month you will immediately charge their credit card again. BOOM. Chances that your user makes a calendar event to check their subscription after a month? Precisely 0.01% or something alike.

Clever BetterHelp! Really clever.


BetterHelp Cancellation


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